Tlukerian peoples

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Regions with significant populations
Tlukera and Deyatsan
Fazul, various Tlukerian languages
Related ethnic groups
Deyatsa, Milevians

The Tlukerians (Fazul: Ćezera [t͡ʃet͡serɑ]) are a group of indigenous peoples who inhabit the eastern islands of the Tlukerian archipelago, primarily the islands of Tlukera Minor and Tlukera Major. They should not be confused to the Deyatsa, a related yet distinct group of peoples who inhabit the western Tlukerian Islands who are sometimes incorrectly labelled as Tlukerians.

Today there are few monolingual speakers of Tlukerian languages. Fazul is the first language of approximately a third of ethnic Tlukerians, with bi- or trilingualism predominant throughout the rest of the population. However, recent years have seen a language shift as speakers abandon their tribal languages in favour of Kanat, the largest Tlukerian language. As a consequence, all languages are classified as "definitely" or "severely endangered" with the exception of Kanat, which itself is considered to be in danger of being reclassed as vulnerable within the next 20 years.