Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs

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Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs
Ngikayano Yufuva.JPG
Great Chairman of Yachiro
Assumed office
Preceded byX
Personal details
BornŊikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs Yàyîm
(1940-09-02)2 September 1940
 Yachiroese Empire

Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs Yàyîm (ngi"kayango y"ufuva ngis`as y`ay"im) (IPA: ŋíkâjáŋó jûɸúβá ŋísàs jàjîm), also simply known as Ngikayango Yufuva, is the current Great Chairman of Yachiro, and has been in control of the country for 21 years, succeeding X. He is known for his aggressive foreign policy and his assistance of the Danshali in their invasion of Astalva. He was born during a turbulent time in Yachiro's history, where the Dictator, Va Mòyûn Xûŋín Yàyvî, had seized power and allied with the fascist Qonklese. His father was killed in the war while he was young, and suffered greatly under the harsh imperial rule.

Early life

Yufuva was born in X, 2 September, 1940, a few years before the Pangyeoun War and during the rule of Va Moyun. His father was a low level officer in the Yachiroese Imperial Army, and was able to sufficiently provide for the family. In 1945, he was called away to serve in the war, and he died X after, leaving Yufuva and his mother without stable or significant income. These events and this time effected Yufuva greatly, as he watched him and his mother barely make it through the months without starving. Yufuva once even said "My father's death, and my struggle that occurred after truly showed me the evils of authoritarians such as Va Moyun. If it weren't for him, I would not be a Kúúlist today." Yufuva held a grudge against Va Moyun ever since, and has openly threatened his descendants living in Ittohar. After the end of the Great Ekuosian War, Yachiro was made a Kúúlist satellite state of Helsonia, and Yufuva was actually offered a much better life. Postwar funding from Helsonia(?) allowed Yachiro to quickly rebuild, and offered many opportunities to those out of work, or with little to no prior experience. His mother was able to receive a low end, but decent paying job, and they had no reason to fear starvation. These events, combined with Yachiro's new extreme emphasis on Kúúlist schooling made Yufuva into a radical Kúúlist and Kúúlist sympathizer. As a teenager he came to admire men such as Name Kuul, Yurik Balkas, and X, and was eager to serve Yachiro in whatever ways he could. X

Entry into politics

Becoming the Great Chairman of Yachiro


War with Astalva