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Reign1870 – 1903
Orsili, Orsili District
Died1903 (aged 168–169)
Mekaras, Orsili District
skull in Elten, Elten District, heart in Mekaras, Orsili District
Full name
Lıniıl ni Tirina rıl Kaorn
FatherAni ni Tirina
MotherHali ni Tirina

Lıniıl ni Tirina rıl Kaorn was sarda of Sanmra from 1870 to 1903.

Personal life

Lıniıl was born into the Kaorn family and quickly became interested in politics from a young age. After graduating from Elten University in <year> with a degree in political science, she joined the Nuoda, representing the Orsili district. Her co-voter was Asihan ni Tirina rıl <something or other>, and in 1855, the two friends married. In 1860, they had their first child, Alın, followed eleven years later by Amir'i, then Yarwe nine years after that.

Political career

<some blah blah blah about her as a nuoda/voter>

After the previous sarda <kicked the bucket or whatever happened to him/her>, Lıniıl and Asihan were chosen by the Nuoda as the next sarda. Something about treaties with humans and paving the way for Tien'a's continued contact with the human world.


In 1903, an unknown individual attacked and killed Lıniıl in the woods near the Kaorn family's private home in Mekaras, Orsili District. She was discovered several hours after her death by her three daughters. Despite repeated investigations into the assassination, her murderer has never been found. Persistent rumors suggest he or she was a Tuanmali, but because none of the investigations have been made public (aside from their results), it is unknown whether there is solid evidence to suggest this, or if it is only a rumor.

In accordance with tradition, her body was cremated, with her skull being stored in the royal House of the Dead in Elten, and her heart being preserved in the Kaorn family mausoleum. Prior to entombment, her funeral was held in the public square outside the Aliseta ni Sadilan (House of Voters) in the inner circle of Elten, with several thousand attendees.