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Kúúlism is the political, social and economic ideology as advocated by name Kúúl. The ultimate goal of Kúúlism is the establishment of a helsonian - stateless, classless, and moneyless - society. The basis of Kúúlism lies in the mediaeval Terminian peasantry, where the ownership of land and goods was shared between a community - or helsen.

A perfect Helsonian society, as described by Kúúl, would be made up of small helsens in which the community controlled all means of production, goods and land, and in which money, social classes and state were absent. Kúúl also advocated a system of free inter-communal trade, whereby helsens with a surplus of goods would provide for states with a defecit, however later Kúúlist movements (particularly Statists such as name nameson) prescribe to the equal distribution of goods to helsens by a Supreme Helsonia - a national or subnational entity.

Kúúlism is one of the main strands of far-left and Balko-Kúúlist ideology on Sahar, along with Balkism.



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