Treaty of Kavam

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Treaty of Kavam
Signed5 March 1876
LocationKavam, Khezan
Signatories Balak Empire
LanguagesBalak and Vosan

The Treaty of Kavam was a treaty signed between the Vaniuan empires of Balakia and Vosan on 5 March 1876. The treaty established two exclusive hemispheres of influence - a western Vosan sphere and an eastern Balak sphere, within which the two powers could freely exercise their colonial and imperialist ambitions without fear of mutual interference. The meridian between these two hemispheres was defined to be 40° east of the Prime Meridian, placing Atsiq in the potential Balak sphere. The treaty made provisions for exceptions to these predefined spheres of influence (i.e. exclaves of one power's influence within the other's sphere) as and when agreed upon by both parties; Vosan-held Shroziq was included from the onset, and a further exception was made for an expansion of the Vosan sphere into Asuranesia through an amendment in the wake of the [tbd].

In addition to the potential establishment of spheres of influence, the treaty guaranteed tariff-free passage and docking rights to Vosan ships in Balak ports, and vice versa, as well as a defensive pact intended to deter incursions by Terminia, which would be triggered during the Akulanen War.



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